• Shark Tale - How the Original Hockey Blade Tape was created.
  • Seven reasons why Bladeshark Hockey blade tape is a superior, high performance hockey product.
  • How to apply Bladeshark the Original high performance Hockey Blade Tape
      • Give yourself the advantage and improve hockey performance with
        Bladeshark Hockey blade tape!

        Greater Puck Control

        Puck control…the name of the game in hockey. If you don’t have it or can’t control it, then… YOU’RE JUST SKATING! BLADESHARK’s unique material takes advantage of the puck’s “ridges”, gripping the puck for better control and stick-handling. Be a playmaker and put the puck where you want it, so you can control the game! Order now!

        Accurate Passes

        Put more precision into your passes and make more plays for your teammates. BLADESHARK’s “teeth” grip the puck, keeping it where you want it on the blade. BLADESHARK™ offers perfect control for passes.

        Saucers…Lasers…Backhands...BLADESHARK™ delivers! YOU just became a teammate’s dream and a goalie’s worst nightmare. Passing speed and accuracy that is unparalleled. What are you waiting for? Order now!

        Harder Shots

        Traditional cloth tape wraps absorb water and energy, creating drag (even with wax!), robbing you of critical speed and power from your shot. In a game where speed is ever increasing, do you really want to lose that power? BLADESHARK’s design covers only the front and back “face” of the blade, allowing the blade to glide more naturally along the ice, also increasing speed. BLADESHARK’s thin design puts the puck in contact with the blade quicker, creating a faster, harder shot as it rebounds off of the blade. BLADESHARK’s rubber and cork composition improve feel, consistency and stability in your shots. Order now!

        Controlled Catches

        BLADESHARK’s gritty, abrasive, anti-slip material has little “teeth”, offering superior catching dynamics, unmatched by traditional tape wrapped blades. BLADESHARK's “teeth” grab that laser, cross-ice pass and keeps it on your blade. When the puck contacts the blade, the BLADESHARK’s teeth grab the puck reducing the spin and dissipating its energy. The longer contact with the blade gives you more control over your catches and passes so you can post another one in the winner's bracket. Order now!


        BLADESHARK™ Hockey high-performance blade tape panels are made from a pressure sensitive, self-adhesive film coated with crushed cork and rubber particles. Tougher and lighter than tape, BLADESHARK™ panels typically last 10-15 games, but have been used for as many as 30 games. Now that's durable! Order now!

        Saves Time

        Are you tired of taping your stick? Traditional taping and waxing can be a tedious and lengthy process. Applied properly, BLADESHARK™ panels last up to 30 games, saving you countless hours of prep time. Now you can use this time to sharpen your skills on the ice versus taping in the locker room. Order now!


        BLADESHARK™ Hockey high-performance blade tape fit any size blade and can be used for left- or right-handed blades. BLADESHARK™ may also be trimmed to match a player’s preferred taping area. (Heel tapers vs. toe tapers) Order now!

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