• Shark Tale - How the Original Hockey Blade Tape was created.
  • Seven reasons why Bladeshark Hockey blade tape is a superior, high performance hockey product.
  • How to apply Bladeshark the Original high performance Hockey Blade Tape
      • Thank you BLADESHARK™! I've been able to elevate my game due to the confidence I have. I can now control the puck better than the other guy. These things really do work! I am extremely surprised at how durable they are. I have played about 25 games and they still look and perform great.”

        — Stevan Meek
            United States

        “I just played my first game with the BLADESHARK. I definitely had a positive experience with it. My blade is lighter without the extra tape and water and the BLADESHARK had good friction even by the end of the game, where normal friction tape is usually worthless by then. ”

        — Arvin Chang
            United States

        “My 9 year old son played from October to March with the same BLADESHARK™ blade tape and never had a problem. By the way, he led his squirt team in scoring (32g, 26asst.). Great product!”

        — Bill Brown
            United States

        “As a father of 2 players, coach and trainer, I'm very curious to try and actually see how this product performs! Hope to see BLADESHARK™ in stores soon. Great idea!”

        — Pat Wallace

        “I’ve used the product for about a week now, 4 Games plus 2 practices. I can honestly say that there is a real immediate difference when you take to the ice. Blade speed is much faster and the puck comes off the stick with much more action. I’m also finding that it’s hanging on to very hard passes (at least, I’m experiencing less popping on pass reception). I like the fact that build up is minimal and when I draw my glove to wipe any build up, I can still feel a lot of grip. I’ve even used the water bottle on my stick and that quickly dissolves any remaining build up. Also, I’m pleased with the durability of your product. I’ve had a few people step on the blade with minimal damage. If there is damage – taking a dry towel between periods helps to re-adhere any small lifts. I’ve even taken a few ‘bites’ out of my shark, where the skate has made a nice gouge but I still have grip from the surrounding product.

        Since using your product, both my son and daughter have switched over to the BladeShark. I can’t tell you how much it’s saved me on time (tapping and re-tapping sticks). But also, buying roll after roll of hockey tape.

        Application was a snap. Just follow your simple instructions. Although it didn’t require it, I let the sticks sit a good 24 hours in the house before taking them to the ice. I’ve used this on new composites and old composites with no difference in adhesion.

        I’ve had a few folks approach me on your product. I gave the extra ones to a few of the kids on the team and a couple of ‘the old boys’. Looks like I’ll need to put another order in as well. ”

        — Howard Ohari

        “I was given a set of BLADESHARK™ panels to try out. They are just awesome! The puck spins off the blade so positively giving you a confidence for shooting. They really give a lot more puck control on the end of the stick. Just follow the instructions carefully! Who needs tape?”

        — Wayne
            New Zealand

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