• Shark Tale - How the Original Hockey Blade Tape was created.
  • Seven reasons why Bladeshark Hockey blade tape is a superior, high performance hockey product.
  • How to apply Bladeshark the Original high performance Hockey Blade Tape
      • How to Apply BLADESHARK Hockey Blade Tape

        BLADESHARK™ fits both left- and right-handed hockey blades, and is applied to both sides of the blade. Identify which BLADESHARK™ applique goes on which side by matching its shape to the shape of the blade. BLADESHARK™ is tough, waterproof, and durable. It can last for an entire season of play.

        Step 1
        Remove all tape, wax and dirt from blade. Clean using a mild, non-oily solvent, such as naptha or lacquer thinner.

        Step 2
        Lightly sand blade until smooth, using sandpaper included. Do not sand through fiberglass or carbon fiber layer.

        Step 3
        Wipe sanded surface again with a clean solvent-dampened cloth, and allow to dry.

        Step 4
        Without touching adhesive backing, carefully separate one corner of BLADESHARK™ from backing paper.

        Step 5
        Position exposed corner of BLADESHARK™ on the blade, and lightly press it down. Pull remaining backing away while adjusting position so that adhesive surface contacts blade evenly. Position so that a uniform margin of the blade is left exposed around top, bottom and wide end of blade.

        Step 6
        Using firm finger pressure, press BLADESHARK™ evenly onto the blade, working from center toward ends and edges.

        Step 7
        Lay blade flat on a rolled up towel and apply heavy pressure with heel of hand or pound with fist to bond BLADESHARK™ firmly to blade. Allow to set overnight for best results.

        Step 8
        Repeat above steps to apply BLADESHARK™ to opposite side of blade.

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