Building Brand by Design

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Planning Design Development Implementation

We create powerful marketing solutions for B-2-B, Professional Practices & Services, Trades, e-Commerce Marketers, and Entrepreneurs.

We specialize in branding & identity, print, and web communications for small-to-mid-size organizations, startups, and individuals. Our sweet spot is helping clients reach their target market and grow through Branding, a New or Redesigned Website, Web Application, Mobile App, and Support Collateral Materials.
Let’s discuss your business and markets, review your product or service literature, and assess your competition. From this we will establish a marketing platform that governs the resources and messages your website, social media and print materials use to differentiate, communicate, and attract customers or clients.
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Friendly, yet Professional Presentation of an Estate Planning Attorney.
Website Design and Branding for company acquisition and relaunch.
Website Design and Branding for company acquisition and relaunch.
Redesign with repositioning of studio’s extensive scope of art glass.
Design & Development of Medical Records website with multiple web applications.
Redesign of established company’s website in support of new owner continuity.
Under new ownership redesign and re-branding of hand surgeon’s website.
Architectural firm's website featuring a extensive portfolio.
Family and Probate Law Attorney platform transfer and website redesign.
Family Law, Adoption, Probate Law and Mediation Attorney website.
Entrepreneur's website featuring custom designed Christmas Tree Skirts.
Property purchase website using a direct, “Hard-sell” approach.
Self-Storage facility site implementation and backend management system.
Comprehensive, “Call-to-Action” website for roofing industry leader.
Differentiating website through legislative efforts and workmanship standards.
Continous, vertical-flow approach delivers message guidence for visitors.
Consultant's website providing forensic roof and property storm damage assessments.
Website marketing short-term stay executive lodging in Dallas and Richardson.
New website for established Property & Casualty insurance agency.
Insurance agency markets a complete line of residential and commercial products.
New Roofing Company website, owner-focused on experience and testimonials.
SEO competiive website for residential & commercial Cleaning Service.
Solar Panel website for installers transitioning to company ownership.
Organizer website addresses the physical & mental aspects organization.
E-commerce website for a manufacturer of holsters for mobile devices.
Pack Pals high-tech, fashion-consious, smart phone holster.

Our Approach

Optimizing Your Site for Visitors – “I want a site where my visitors easily find what they need, but also one where we can selectively guide them toward our marketing objective.”
Building logical messages that reinforce your visitor’s intuition – “I know this is the right choice, I can feel it in my gut, too!”
Creating expectations with attainable, time-based goals – “I know I am a new, small fish, so help me grow to swim in a highly competitive sea.”
Helping you spend your time productively – “Keep me abreast of website and social media results, but not implementation details.”
Implementing behind-closed-doors – login-required features and web application services – “I need a limited access portal to deliver private, secure content to my users.”

Start Fresh or Refresh

We provide a wide range of design, programming and internet marketing services.

We work with clients who need their site built from the ground-up, either as a completely new site or an overall refresh of a current site. We also take over the webmaster duties of existing sites where the previous site management is no longer available to service the site.

Our experience ranges from single-page “web intro” sites, dozen-plus page marketing sites, to large, comprehensive sites that support web application services, product and sales support platforms, and e-commerce sales integration.

But what does that mean to you?

Marketing your service or product through website presentation, SEO, Social Media, and Pay-Per-Click campaigns.

Ensured website integrity through Performance, Accessibility, Best Practices, and SEO assessment and monitoring tools for Mobile and Desktop sites.

Attracting valuable visitors via search visibility on Google’s Business Profile SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

Giving your clients and customers multiple ways to interact / learn / use / purchase your products or services

Creating a web application that enables users to interact with and benefit from your service.

Optimized mobile website performance for predominant mobile user segment – mobile 61% vs. 39% desktop (May 2024).

Building Custom Mobile Native Apps for specific purposes – accessible with and without an internet connection.

Reference resource to educate and answer questions about your service, and to attain the best use your service. Comprehensive FAQs.

Online product sales through catalog display, shopping cart and credit card purchase with PCI DSS Compliance.

Marketing promotions with sales cycle funnels.

Branding Platform implements your active, positive, public facing persona through brand — Identity, Synthesis, Slogan, Mission, Position, Personality, and Affiliation.

Visitor acquisition management – attraction and retention.

Subscription sign-up and management.

Membership platform with member management.

Real Estate management platform setup, implementation, training, and monitoring, as an example.

Promotion pricing and discount structures.

Do-It-Yourself training for cloud-based website builder platforms such as WIX.

Revenue share partner programs – with management portals.

Services and benefits management offered by corporations and organizations to employees.

Building Brand by Design

Every business has a brand, whether they realize it or not. How they conduct their business, their business processes, product or service quality, responsiveness, visual communications, presentations, personal / personnel appearance, customer interaction, solution responsivness, even phone messages or wait-time background music, communicate how those dealing with the brand will be treated by the company and its products or services.